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Alberto Suarez

Alberto Suarez
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Alberto Suarez was an officer with the Colombian National Police, and was hired by DEA agents Javier Pena and Steve Murphy to track down the man who killed his cat. Suarez interrogated the customs officials that stalled Murphy and scanned his passport when he arrived in Colombia, discovering that one of Pablo's top sicarios, Poison, had killed the cat. However, he was in Pablo Escobar's pocket, and he warned Escobar that Colonel Horacio Carrillo was going to ambush Poison and some of his other sicarios, with Escobar paying him 5% of his money in gratitude for Suarez selling the police out. Poison evaded the police, escaping successfully.

However, the DEA would continue contacting him, hoping to find out people who might know of Escobar's criminal record ahead of the 1982 congressional election. Suarez was paid to give them names, but he warned Escobar each time for more money; Escobar had these people killed. In 1989, Murphy met him for the last time, forcing him to give the name of Efram Gonzalez, an ETA bomb-maker who was recruited by Escobar. Suarez called Escobar to tell him that the DEA agent was Murphy, but Escobar was angry that he talked with the DEA. Poison headed to Suarez's house and shot him multiple times in the leg and head.


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