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Gato was a high ranked sicario of Pablo Escobar´s Medellín Cartel. His legal name was not revealed to the audience, only his alias which means 'cat' in Spanish.


La Catedral

Gato successfully escapes La Catedral alongside Escobar and other high ranking Medellín Cartel sicarios. His escape is not initially shown to the audience, as he did not accompany Escobar, Blackie, Velasco, and Jairo in their encounter with the Colombian National Army shown in the opening scene of Free at Last.


Gato is arrested by Search Bloc in a cocaine lab raid led by Colonel Horacio Carrillo. Gato and another sicario are transported to Bogotá via helicopter, accompanied by Murphy and Carrillo. Carrillo demands information on Escobar from the unnamed sicario, and upon refusal, the colonel pushes him off of the helicopter, to his death. Carrillo gives Gato a chance to talk, but Gato decides to stay loyal to Escobar and suffers the same fate as the previous sicario.


Gato is extremely loyal to Escobar, ruthlessly killing for the cartel and willing to die to protect his boss. He has a hatred for the police.