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Javier Peña

Javier Peña

Javier Peña is a former American DEA agent who was a part of the Search Bloc, and was sent to Colombia to hunt down the Medellín Cartel and the Cali Cartel.

After realizing the War on Drugs cannot be won, he broke protocols and revealed the deep corruption embroiled within the Colombian government, President Ernesto Samper's connection to the Cali Cartel and the fact that the United States, despite being aware of this, didn't act on this. His announcement caused a scandal in both Colombia and the United States, and to avoid repercussions, he resigned from the DEA and moved on to live in his father's ranch in the Mexican-American border.


Steve Murphy- partner and fellow DEA agent

Elisa Alvarez- M-19 Agent who Peña helped escape Pablo

Connie Murphy- Steve's wife and Peña's friend


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