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Steve Murphy is a Drug Enforcement Administration agent who took part of chasing Pablo Escobar. He worked alongside Javier Peña. He also narrated the first two seasons.


Early life[]

Murphy was born in Tennessee in 1957, to Marvin and Betty Murphy. He grew up in Princeton, West Virginia, and graduated from Bluefield State College in 1981 with a degree in Criminal Justice. Following a short career in local law enforcement, Murphy enrolled in the Drug Enforcement Administration's training program.

Drug Enforcement Administration[]

His first assignment was in Miami, where he worked with Kevin Brady, mostly going after small-time pushers, aging hippies, and young casual marijuana users. One night, while celebrating at a club, Brady and some other colleagues pulled a prank on Murphy, telling him that a blonde woman at the bar was checking him out. Knowing that they were pulling his leg, but wanting to get the upper hand, Murphy asked the woman if she would at least give him a fake number. To his surprise, it was real, and that woman, Connie Murphy, would become his wife.

Following the death of Brady at the hands of La Quica during a failed sting against Hermann Zapata, Murphy accepted a transfer to Bogotá (Descenso).

At one point Pablo Escobar orphaned a baby by sending her father to his death, Escobar ordered his sicarios that there would be no loose ends by killing the remainder of the family. The sicarios managed to kill the baby's mother and maternal grandmother but hesitated and were then caught in a gunfight with Steve. Steve and Connie later began proceedings to adopt the unnamed baby girl, whom they christened Olivia.


In the series we are told that Steve Murphy arrived at the very beginning of Escobar hunt but in fact he arrived in 1991, two years before the death of Pablo Escobar.